Living in Cauldron

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The barbarians in the lands around Cauldron are fierce jungle warriors. They often have to deal with dinosaurs, gnolls and even other tribes.


Many bards train at the Bardic College in Sasserine, and then decided to travel north to see more of the world. Many come to try to find a monavic deva that is said to watch over and protect the region.


The clerics in Cauldron are often called upon to cleanse the water of the central lake. During a harsh winter several decades ago, the waters of the central lake rose so high they reached Ash Avenue and completely submerged many of the lower buildings. Representatives of the churches got together under the urging of the then high priest of the church of Bahamut and created a ritual of control water to combat the next flood season. Throughout that winter, the clerics of the four churches convened to perform the ritual to hold the waters at bay. The citizens were grateful for their aid, and assisted with sandbagging and shoring of buildings where they could; even with the magic ritual, the flood waters could still do significant damage. So successful were these measures that, after that flood season ended, the city of Cauldron erupted into a massive festival. In the years to follow, this grew into a tradition. It became to be known as the Flood Festival. But time breeds contentment, and as the years went by the temples began refining their uses of the ritual and found they could build use fewer rituals and still make it through the season. At the same time, the Festival became more extravagant and gaudy. Over the past decade, the winters have been fairly mild, and it is doubtful the lake would flood again even without the ritual.

Clerics in Cauldron generally worship either Pelor, Kord, The Raven Queen or Bahamut. Shrines to Erathis, Moradin, Corellon, and Avandra exist in the area.


There are known to be druids that roam the jungles in the Cauldron area, or walk the mountain paths surrounding Cauldron itself. They are infrequently seen in the city, but have been known to enter its walls.


Fighters can be found anywhere, and Cauldron is no different. Fighters often join the Town Guard, or become caravan guards and protect merchants travelling to the other settlements or Sasserine, or join skirmish squads who journey around the base of the volcano and kill any dangerous beasts who come too close.


Paladins in Cauldron are rare. They generally come from noble families, but some are simple folk who hear the call of a god. The most notable paladin in town is Alek Tercival, a paladin of Bahamut, who is often seen travelling around town on his white charger.


The rangers in the area can be found both in the wilderness and in the city. They are often in the Town Guard, and sometimes employed as members of Skirmish Squads who patrol the base of the volcano and prevent monsters from getting too close. Some travel the jungle in search of ruins, caves and interesting places.


The rogues of Cauldron come in many shapes and sizes. Some are diplomats, whose tongues are sharper than their rapiers. Some work for the Town Guard performing the jobs that bulky, muscled fighter-types just aren’t good at. Some are freelance, while others are in guilds. The city has more than one small guild of thieves, but perhaps the most influential is the Last Laugh. The guilds symbol is the silhouette of a laughing jester, shown in profile. The guild oversees various rackets, including security, blackmail, extortion and assassination. Generally only the most nefarious and unscrupulous rogues join the Last Laugh.


Warlocks have historically been a rare sight in Cauldron and generally regarded with mistrust. While still uncommon, warlocks are not such a surprise to see in the past several years.


Warlords in Cauldron are able to find plentiful work, as officers in the Town Guard, leading skirmish squads into the jungles, or guarding the many caravans coming from and to Sasserine.


The wizards of Cauldron and its environs have long had many interesting things to study, and as such have been attracted to the region. Surabar Spellmason himself was a wizard of great power, and as such wizards in the area are treated with respect.

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Living in Cauldron

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