Jösh Edwärds

In brief

A Bard, who will kick ass, and sing about it as he does so.

A selected poem from a recent adventure

Bravely did the Eldritch Blades, Kill the Goblins in the Caves, With Sword in Hand And Arrows Sent, The Goblins unto Hell were bent

What ho, among the Goblin foes, Did vile dwarf and Half Orcs go, To cleave us in twain with Steel, Sharp words their lives would not repeal

From Ankegs to Orcs our battles raged In and among the caves, When at last our eyes did see, A Creature of Dark Mystery

Lo a Bugbear of deathly bent, Came unto us, and so we went, against his flesh with steel in hand, To triumph for all the land

But fast the Vamp stood still, As we fought against it’s will, A battle hard fought with fearless friends, Yet, still the Vampire’s will it bends

And Friends would turn against the whole, But yet while our courage would hold, We would rule over the day, And finally the Vamp we’d slay

The wounds now healed, The Vamp beneath the steel, And gallant friends Unite For we have triumphed through our MIGHT!

Herald we now, The Eldritch Blades Mightiest of The Cauldron’s Saves Our Steel and Arrows we’ll deploy And foes of Cauldron, we’ll destroy!



Cauldron, The Shackled City lordjosh