Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-one: June 24, 2010

Wherein our heroes quell a riot and a fire...

The Eldritch Blades were taking some time to recuperate and spend some of their earnings on new gear, awaiting word from Maavu about returning to the Lucky Monkey to oversee the restoration of the work crew there. The situation was rapidly changing in Cauldron. There was a stronger half-orc presence in town, supplementing the town guard. Tax collectors could be seen regularly moving about the town with an armed escort. An ill sentiment was growing among the citizenry about the continually increasing taxes. Several days into their rest, the Blades were alerted to a gathering outside of City Hall, a demonstration of concerned citizens against the high taxes being levied against them.

The group scoped out the area around City Hall before hand to make sure no foul play was afoot. Finding nothing amiss, the group retired and planned to attend the gathering themselves later that evening. When they arrived, they found the area teeming with people, conversations and feelings of discontent all around. There was a small guard presence outside of City Hall to protect the coming and going of the city officials and tax collectors. Eventually, Maavu himself took a stand on a nearby podium, addressing the massed throng of people, decrying the high taxes and the lack of evidence of the funds use to benefit the city. He went on to declare AleK Tercival’s challenge to Terseon Skellerang for the position of Captain of the town guard and how the challenge had been ignored by city officials.

At this point, a half-orc guard patrol led by Sgt. Skylar Krewis arrived, declaring their intentions to arrest Maavu. A cry went up from the crowd to eliminate the half-orcs. Already riled up from Maavu’s speech, the crowd erupted into violence; people grabbed anything nearby that could be used as a weapon. The half-orcs around Sgt. Krewis quickly fell, with the sergeant doing all he could to defend himself and not hurt the citizens. Maavu cried out for the crowd to calm down, his pleas falling on deaf ears.

The Eldritch Blades leapt to action, doing all they could to disperse the crowd and give Sgt. Krewis aid. Without warning, a flight of air elementals appeared and commenced an attack on Maavu. Several of the Eldritch Blades went to his defense, with Maavu doing his best to escape the scene.

Before too long, the Eldritch Blades were able to disperse enough of the crowd to remove their threat of violence. They were able to reach Sgt. Krewis in time and kept the crowd from harming him. Maavu was successfully rescued from the air elemental attack. By that time, a larger guard patrol had arrived to help restore order.

Maavu thanked the party profusely and invited them to a secret meeting in Redgorge to discuss the events in Cauldron. Then, he made his escape before the city guard could reach him.

Sgt. Krewis was grateful for the group’s help in coming to his rescue and helping to disperse the crowd with as little harm to the other citizens as possible. He joined with the new guard patrol and set out to quell the rioting that had started in the wake of the attack at City Hall, with the promise of meeting the Blades later for drinks.

Eventually retiring for the night, the Eldritch Bladed made their way home. On the way, they were alerted to cries for help. Running to offer aid, they found Minuta’s Board ablaze. Minuta’s Board had been used as housing for the half-orc mercenaries being employed by the City Watch. Those same half-orcs were busy with a water brigade to put the fire out. Racial slurs rang out from the gathered crowd, but an equal number of citizens joined in the fire brigade to help with the blaze. The Eldritch Blades pitched in as well. The group overheard the half-orc in charge complaining to Minuta about the fire elementals that had surprised them and set the boarding house on fire. A cry arose from within the burning building, shouting for help. Wasting no time, the Eldritch Blades braved the heat and smoke to save whoever was inside.

As soon as they entered, the group was beset upon by two huge fire elementals. The fighting was fierce; the fire elementals causing explosions amongst the group, throwing them about the room, and lashing them with whips of fire. Linden relied on the rest of the group to handle the elementals, while he went further into the building to find whoever was crying for help. He soon found a young boy, trapped by falling timber. Freeing the boy, Linden raced out of the house with him, giving him over to the care of those outside. Before long, the group was able to rally and eventually destroy the two fire elementals, but not without their share of burns.

Soon after, the dragonborn cleric of Kord, Asfelkir Hranleurf, and the cleric of Pelor, Kristof Jurgensen, arrived to offer their assistance in putting out the fire and seeing to the wounded. With their help, the fire was quickly doused.

With the danger of the fire dealt with, the Eldritch Blades returned home for some much needed rest. Though, their concern for the city was now piqued, fearing that the two incidents that night were no accident and certainly connected.



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