Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-five: September 2, 2010

Wherein our heroes return and stave off a seige...

Weary from the day’s ordeal, the group decided to explore a bit farther, opening the only door in the hall. It opened into what appeared to be the hags’ chambers. Alex stepped inside and was instantly assaulted by several stone skeletons. Fatigued as they were, the group handily defeated the rooms defenders. Inside, they discovered the hags’ stash of treasure, Alek Tercival‘s backback containing The Young Knights Uplifting Military Primer. The party also noticed a hidden drawer build into one of the walls.
When they tried to open it, the room started filling with poisonous fumes. Alex’s quick thinking and a creative use of a tanglefoot bag stemmed the flow of the gas. Upon opening the drawer, the party discovered a most remarkable find, Alakast, weapon of Surabar Spellmason himself.

The group returned to the relative safety of the jungle and got a peaceful night’s rest.

The next day, the party rafted upstream on the Red River, returning to Redgorge. Upon their arrival, they could see the combined forces of Cauldron and the half-orc mercenaries marching on the city. The group made haste into Redgorge and confronted the Chisel, who were preparing the town for battle. They were able to convince the Chisel that Terseon Skellerang was coming for them and that if they went into hiding it would prevent unneeded bloodshed and send Skellerang back to Cauldron. The Chisel begrudgingly agreed and escaped Redgorge as Skellerang and his forces arrived at the gates of the city.

Skellerang and his forces were allowed to search the city for the Chisel. When they were not found, Skellerang agreed to leave Redgorge, leaving behind a token force of mercenaries to patrol the area and ensure the Chisel did not return.

The group then decided to return to Cauldron themselves. Once there, they returned Alek’s body to the Church of the Righteous Blade and a much bereaved Jenya. They also discovered that the mayor had gone missing and there was much turmoil in the city’s government as a new mayor was being decided on.



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