Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-nine: October 27, 2011

Wherein our heroes find more in common with the stonework than they'd anticipated...

Reveling in their new found wealth, the Eldritch Blades were alerted to new company by the anguished scream heard from across the room.

“Argh! Kill them! Kill them all!”

The party turned in time to see a robed figure retreating down the hall from the chamber they were in. Entering the chamber were several others: medusae, lizard-men, and a necromancer.

Alex and Savain immediately leapt into the fray, both jumping the distance over the broken walkway with ease. By means both arcane and mundane, the others crossed the gap and were soon engaged with their foes as well.

The fight proved almost too much for the group. The fiery might of the lizard-men nearly overwhelming Alex and Savain. The medusae’s stony gaze caught both Alex and Morwin, petrifying them both and turning them into statues.

It was hard fought, but the Eldritch Blades overcame the might of their foes, killing them all. Jösh freed Alex and Morwin from their stony repose. The party followed after the robed figure who had retreated at the start of the fight. Lindentracked him back to a room near the beginning of the floor. The room was bare except for the teleportation circle in the center of their room. It seemed Fetor was able to escape their grasp.

At this point, the group was exhausted. They retreated to Fetor’s chamber for a good night’s rest.

They awoke the next day and, with treasures in tow, they returned to Cauldron. They were unfortunately greeted with foul play. Their home was a smoking ruin. Alex’s sister was missing. Two of the Striders were killed defending their home; another laid grievously hurt at the Church of the Righteous Blade. Their only clue was two finely crafted daggers with sapphires in the pommel shaped like all too familiar snowflakes.



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