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Prestige Points (Retired)

Gameplay Solution: Encourage roleplaying from the PCs

*Earn*—When a PC performs an extraordinary scene of roleplaying reflecting their Belief. A Belief is a single statement reflecting a core aspect of your character, what drives the PC to do what they do. “Any conflict can be resolved at the point of my sword.” “Defend the weak and innocent, no matter the cost.” Be descriptive. Work with the DM to define what your character’s belief is.

*Dispense*—Players start with one prestige point at the beginning of every session. Any player or the GM can award a prestige point to another player for an act of great roleplaying where that PC’s Belief can justifiably be applied. Only one prestige point can be awarded for any single act or scene. The GM reserves the right to veto any player awarded prestige points. At the end of every session, prestige points reset to one. There is no carryover of prestige points from session to session.

Prestige Points can be earned through email roleplay and will be credited towards the start of the next session.

*Mechanics*—Players may spend prestige points at any time they are required to roll the dice.

  • Prior to rolling the dice, declare the use of prestige points for the roll. Each prestige point spent adds 1d6 to the roll. There is no limit to the number of prestige points that can be used in this way. This cannot be used for damage.
  • After the dice have been rolled by the PC for anything, you may spend a prestige points to reroll the result. This applies to attack, damage, skill checks, saving throws, etc.
  • Spend three prestige points to regain the use of an encounter power.
  • Spend five prestige points to regain the use of a daily power.

*Limit*—No PC can have more than 5 Prestige Points at any given time.

House Rules

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