Cauldron, The Shackled City

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Session One: January 22, 2009
Wherein we meet our heroes and they recieve their first mission

Leaving the Drunken Morkoth Inn, the newly formed Eldritch Blades heard a cry for help from nearby. Running to the rescue, the turned into a nearby alley to see a young man being accosted by several thugs. They handily defeated the ruffians.

The young man turned out to be a cleric from the local church to Bahamut. Escorting him back to the church, he relayed that he was returning from the nearby orphanage when we was attacked by the thugs. He was given the warning to stay away from the orphanage.

At the temple, the party was greeted by Jenya, acting head of the temple. The party learned that several children were kidnapped from the orphanage three days prior. She entreats the Eldritch Blades to look into the matter. After she mentioned promise of payment for their efforts, the group agreed to help rescue the children. She provided the group with a divination she performed earlier, with hope that the Blades would be able to decipher its riddle and find the children.

The party followed up on some leads, eventually making their way to the Lantern Street Orphanage. They learned from the head mistress of the orphanage, Gretchyn, that the children were taking at night without any of the other children being disturbed. There was no sign of a break-in, which matched the description they had heard of several other recent kidnappings. They examined the locks of the orphanage to see that they were of the highest quality. Inquiring of their origin, the group learned that all of the locks in the orphanage came from Keygan Ghelve, of Ghelve’s Locks.

The group investigated the locations of some other abductions, and most discovered that the locks at those locations were also bought from Keygan Ghelve.

The party converged on Ghelve’s Locks. The group confronted Ghelve, who was able to put them off initially. Through distraction and subterfuge, Sevain, the group’s rogue, was able to sneak past Ghelve into the back room. There, Ghelve’s guilt was confirmed when Sevain was attacked by several skulks. A fierce battle ensued, with the party victorious, Ghelve in custody, and all of the skulks dead.

Interrogating Ghelve, the group learned of Ghelve’s forced complicity and the entrance to the skulks lair, a secret passage into the long abandoned enclave of Jzadirune.

Session Two: February 12, 2009
Wherein our heroes gain a new ally and enter Jzadirune

As they prepared to embark down into Jzadirune, the Eldritch Blades were met by an emissary of the Church of Bahamut, Paladin Morwin Granitsdottir. Knowing from Jenya of their quest to return the missing children, she entreated the Blades for membership to aid them in finding the kidnap victims. She was quickly accepted into the fledgling adventuring troupe.

Together, they descended into the secret passage from Ghelve’s and arrived into what once must have been a thoroughfare to the lost enclave. Eager to find the children, Keira continued towards the entrance to Jzadirune, triggering a nasty trap. A combination of might, Linden’s keen eyes, and Sevain’s deft fingers soon had the trap disabled. Sevain soon afterwards had the door to Jzadirune open for the group.

They passed through a large abandoned marketplace, tracking the recent passage of the kidnappers. They found a secret door at the end of the market, which lead them into the heart of Jzadirune.

Descending further below Cauldron, the group entered into a large room, with large copper masks mounted on all of the walls. The group chose to investigate an open door in the south wall of the room. They caught a raiding party of skulks and a new, unknown humanoid, preparing to head out that night. A fierce battle ensued. The Blades persevered and felled their foes.

Exhausted from the days battles, the group returned to the surface. They turned Ghelve over to the town guard, as well as all of the evidence they had that showed his complicity in the abductions over the last several months. They decided to rest the night and continue their foray into the dark of Jzadirune the next day.

Session Three: April 23, 2009
Wherein our heroes learn to fear bathing spiders

Well rested, the Eldritch Blades regrouped at Ghelve’s Locks and journeyed back down below Cauldron into Jzadirune.

From the dust and decay, it was clear that Jzadirune was abandoned long ago. Signs of recent activity from the new occupants was evident. Rooms had been ransacked and pillaged. Evidence of their traffic led deeper into the once abandoned enclave.

Her sunrod lighting their way, Keira led her stalwart companions in search of the kidnapped children.

In a makeshift barracks, they encountered more skulks, accompanied by new threats; creatures seemingly made as much of shadow as of flesh and bone. Floating globes of smoke and shadow darted about and distracted the heroes from other more lethal threats, and dark hounds salivated from open maws, eager to rend the Blades. Sevain lept into the room and let loose a flurry of daggers, leaving many of his foes clearing blood from their eyes. Taking advantage of Savain’s assault, the others followed him in to attack the skulks. The group made short work of their foes and were soon exploring further into Jzadirune.

They entered a grand hall lit by luminescent orbs of magical energy, recalling the grandeur that Jzadirune might once have had. As they stepped further into the hall, a sneaky gang of skulks ambushed the party, crossbow bolts flying out from the shadows.

Investigating an ornate bath, a clutch of giant spiders attacked the group, proving to be quite a challenge for the fledgling adventuring troupe. The group occupied three of the spiders near the entrance to the bath. Linden split off from the group to gain a little distance to make more effective use of his bow. Unfortunately, the last spider followed, dogging Linden around the room. The fighting was fierce. The spiders were fast, proving hard to his. Many of the heroes’ blows were unable to even pierce the thick hide of the spiders. They persevered and proved triumphant over the giant spiders.

They took a quick rest and searched the spiders’ lair. Among the bones of the spiders’ prior victims, the Blades found some extra coin and their first magical treasure, a set of Gauntlets of Ogre Power.

Sesison Four: May 7, 2009
Wherein our heroes end the skulk menace

The team continued their exploration of Jzadirune in search of the kidnapped children. They soon encountered more skulks and another dark, shadowy foe. The fighting was fierce, but the team proved their mettle and won the battle. The group felt they were reaching their limit. Alex had little energy left for another fight. They had little time to recover, though, as they were challenged by a voice from the dark.

“Leave and you will be spared!”

Not to be intimidated, the Blades moved to investigate who was calling them out. A dark figure stood at the back of the room, brandishing a wicked looking blade. Upon seeing the group approach, he cried out, “You did not heed my warning and shall suffer for it! Attack!”. The skulks, motes of shadow, and another dark figure assaulted the team. This time, the team was ready. Pulling out all the stops, the Blades maneuvered and slashed their way through the enemy. They were in rare form and were able to quickly dispatch the dark ones minions, with him soon following.

They were ready for a long rest. Before leaving, they searched their fallen foes, finding some useful coin and equipment. They also found what appeared to be the leader’s chambers. They didn’t find anything significant, other than what may be the leader’s journal. As they were searching the chamber, Linden’s keen eyes found a secret door.

It opened into a small room, a mannequin sporting a set of plate armor, shinier and more polished than any in the group had seen before. Also, rising from the base of the mannequin was a great sword of outstanding quality. Two stone statues of warriors flanked the mannequin. Focusing her senses on the room, Keira determined the rooms occupants to be magical. Undaunted, the entered the room to retrieve the armor and sword. Immediately, they were set upon by the two statues. A quick but fierce battle ensued, with the group victorious and the armor and sword in hand.

The group sealed themselves into the secret room for a good night’s rest.

Session Five: June 4, 2009
Wherein our heroes descend into the Malachite Fortress

Fully rested, the Blades left the safety of the hidden room in search of the elevator that would hopefully take them to the kidnap victims. Retracing their steps a way, the sound of battle could be heard. Running to investigate, they came upon a terrible scene.

An half-elf warrior lay prone on the floor of a large room. An eladrin stood next to him fending off their attackers, bolts of energy flying from his outstretched arms. Surrounding them were a crew of fierce looking goblins, a few already dead. The Eldritch Blades leapt in to assist. With cool efficiency, the Blades dispatched the goblins.

The eladrin identified himself as Fellian Shard. His companion was Fario Ellegoth. Their friend, Elethor Ashstaff, was abducted from his home some three weeks ago. They had caught wind of the Eldritch Blades’ investigation into the recent kidnapping at the orphanage. Keygan Ghelve’s complicity was public knowledge now and then had come down to investigate for themselves and hopefully find their friend. They came as far as this room where they entered battle with the goblins here. Fario put up a good fight and was able to dispatch several goblins before succumbing to his wounds. Fellian was barely holding them back when the Eldritch Blades arrived. Seeing that they had a common goal, the Blades accepted Fellian’s offer to join them, while Fario returned to the surface to recuperate.

Finding and pulling a nearby lever, the floor of the room gave a shudder and began descending down into the depths below Jzadirune. As they descended, the walls transitioned from grey stone to black malachite. Fellian was able to inform the group about the Malachite Fortress, into which they were descending. It had been a dwarven stronghold built to hold back any incursions from the Underdark. After several minutes, the floor gave a final shudder and rested at the bottom of the long shaft.

Exiting the elevator room, the group stumbled onto several goblin guards. The Blades leapt into action, but not before one of the guards alerted several others in the next room. The guards were joined by some more guards, two spellcasters, and two giant beetles. A fierce battle ensued. The party was hampered by vexing clouds conjured by the spellcasters and they were caught on several occassions by fiery blasts from the beetles. In the end, the Eldritch Blades persevered, vanquishing the guards.

Moving onward, they entered into a large room, guarded by four goblins. They made short work of the guards. The room had two large double doors opposite each other. Before deciding which way to go, Linden’s keen elven eyes detected a secret door. The group decided to explore what lay beyond that door.

They investigated several rooms before cries of anguish caught their attention. Racing to investigate, the group stumbled into a bunk room with several goblins. As they maneuvered into the room, they caught sight of several other goblins in the next room torturing a woman. Those goblins joined the fray. The battle was intense, both sides inflicting savage wounds. The Eldritch Blades were slowly able to whittle down the goblin numbers, their eventual victory assured.

They released the woman, discovering her to be one of the kidnap victims. Deliberating what to do next, the Eldritch Blades barred themselves in the bunk room for a rest.

Session Six: June 18, 2009
Wherein our heroes lose a friend and defeat the slavers

Having recuperated after a long rest, the group headed out to rescue any prisoners who might still be in their cells. They were directed where to go by Coryston Pike, who they’d recently freed from torture at the hands of the goblins. Fellian escorted her to the elevator and would wait for any more released captives.

The group turned down a hallway which would lead them to the cell blocks housing the kidnap victims. As they entered, they were attacked by animated statues from behind illusory walls. It took several seconds before the group could perceive through the walls to see their assailants. As his elven eyes pierced the illusion, Jeran discerned a large, gelatinous cube perilously close to Savain. Savain had moved farthest into the room to scout ahead of the group. Jeran’s warning was not enough to save Savain from being engulfed by the cube. The group was able to quickly dispatch the animated statues, but were caught in a cycle of being engulfed by the cube, digested a bit, and breaking free of its mass, only to be engulfed again soon after. The group took an overly cautious approach to fighting the cube, which did little to prevent it from continuing to grab some of them into its girth. Fight it they did and they eventually reduced it to so much goo, but not before Morwin and Jeran suffered its acidic belly and were digested.

Taking a moment to recover, several of the group explored ahead to the cell blocks and found several victims languishing in their cells. They were soon freed. Keira directed the group to escort everyone back to Cauldron in the hope that they would find some way to revive their fallen comrades.

Back in Cauldron, the group was able to convince Jenya Urikas at the Church of Bahamut to perform the long ritual of raising Morwin. In the interim, Keira returned to the Drunken Morkoth, hoping that she’d be able to hire a replacement for Jeran. Luck was with her and she hired on the young half-elven bard, Jösh. Early the next day, the group with Jösh and a healthy Morwin, proceeded back to the Malachite Fortress to confront the remaining slavers.

They exited the elevator and entered the Fortress, where they discovered the slavers prepared for them. They had set up rudimentary barricades and unleashed a spray of crossbow bolts as the Blades entered the main hall. The battle was quick and fierce, Jösh proving his worth during this, his first battle with the group.

The party advanced into the fortress, finding every room they came to ransacked and abandoned, if only recently. They entered into the last great hall, with the goblin slavers and their half-troll master, Kazmojen, ready for them. The last remaining slaves cowered at the back of the hall, including the missing orphans. A terrible battle ensued. Most of the party was locked in combat with Kazmojen and his goblins towards the front of the hall; Keira and Jösh encouraging their comrades to greater heights, Alex and Morwin drawing swords blows away from the others, and Savain taking every opportunity to slide his daggers into any breach in his enemy’s defenses. Linden traded bow shots with the goblins at the back of the hall, taking as much as he gave. Early in the battle, from nowhere, an eye tyrant appeared; its awesome, fearful form startling all in the room. Admonishing Kazmojen, it just as quickly disappeared, taking one of the orphans, young Terrem, with it. When the last ring of steel sang, the Eldritch Blades were all that remained standing. They freed the prisoners and collected what treasure they could find.

Returning to Cauldron, they escorted the children back to the orphanage. They found the boy, Terrem, there waiting for them. Back at the Church of Bahamut, Jenya gratefully greeted them, happy for their success. She paid them what was promised and expressed the Church’s gratitude for their efforts.

The Eldritch Blades decided to take some downtime before tackling their next adventure.

Session Seven: July 16, 2009
Wherein our heroes track down some goblin vandals

The Eldritch Blades were on the trail of some goblins who had been vandalizing the southern portion of Cauldron. Staking out the area, they spied a group of goblins painting graffiti on a store front. They moved to engage the goblins, allowing them to run away. The group tailed the goblins and watched as they escaped into Orak’s Bathhouse. They spotted some cloaked figures outside of the bathhouse, but when they approached closer to investigate, the cloaked figures were gone.

After quickly regrouping, the Blades busted into the bathhouse to find it empty, except for a rather surprised and irate Orak. A heated discussion ensued between them; Orak calling the Blades thieves and to leave immediately; the Blades trying to get Orak to admit his complicity with the goblins and their whereabouts. As Keira and Josh quarreled with Orak, Alex and Linden tried to subtly survey the bathhouse for the goblin’s location. Sevain kept an eye out for any outside interference. Through their argument, Josh was able to gleam that Orak wasn’t himself; he seemed compelled in his argument.

Orak claimed proof of his innocence and excused himself to get it from his office. He returned with a warhammer in hand. He set upon the group. As the fight was engaged, Sevain was waylaid by four cloaked wererats outside the bathhouse. Linden shot true with his bow, his arrow sinking deep into Orak’s side. Seeing him seriously wounded, Keira talked Orak into surrendering. The rest of the Blades turned their attention to the wererats who were quickly overtaken.

A thorough search of the bathhouse revealed a locked iron door, behind which were stairs leading down below Cauldron. Securing Orak in his office, the Blades proceeded down after the goblins.

They entered into a sparsely lit dungeon. The sounds of gutteral chatter and barks could be heard coming from down a nearby hallway. They quickly investigated their immediate area, finding no opposition. They proceeded down the hall towards the commotion they were hearing. Linden advanced ahead, entering the doorway the sounds were coming from. He surprised two goblins as they chatted. They let out a cry for help and the rest of the Eldritch Blades converged on them. The group was able to cut down one goblin, but not before the other retreated further back into the warren. When the Blades pursued, they were met with a larger force of goblins and dire wolves. The fighting was fierce and frustrating. Two hexers filled the room they were in with a vexing cloud, obscuring the view of everything in the room and which would sting to distraction any of the Blades unlucky enough to enter it. The fight was long, taxing both the Blades resources and their patience. The group slowly dispatched the goblin warriors and wolves. Finally, the long, drawn out battle was ended with the death of the two hexers, their vexing clouds dissipating with their demise.

The Blades took a moment to rest and take stock of themselves before deciding whether to adventure further or not.

Session Eight: Sept. 3, 2009
Wherein our heroes further explore some caverns

The Eldritch Blades elected to continue on, looking for more goblin ears to add to their bounty. They had run ins with several more goblin patrols, as well as stumbling into an ankheg nest. Having made their way further into the complex, they decide to take a break to recuperate before exploring more and putting an end to the goblin menace.

Session Nine: Oct. 1, 2009
Where our heroes defeat a vampire and stop the goblin menace

Well rested, the Eldritch Blades readied to continue their exploration of the caverns. Entering back into the complex, an invisible alarm sounded, alerting the half-orc mercenary waiting for them. The half-orc was only able to get a handful of arrows off at the Blades before he was felled. As the Blades closed to search the half-orc, they exposed themselves to his friends in waiting, several more half-orcs and their leader, a surly looking dwarf. Savain staggered back under a hail of arrows as the rest of his comrades jumped into the fray. A fierce battle ensued. A dire wolf entered the fight, helping the mercenaries against the heroes. A concentrated attack on the wolf, along with a terrible blow from Alex, staggered the wolf. At which point, the dire wolf transformed into mist and escaped down into the caverns. The Eldritch blades were soon victorious, dispatching the dwarf and half-orc mercenaries.

Eager to pursue the wolf, they made their way further into the caverns. It wound down deeper beneath Cauldron. Discovering rough hewn stairs, they investigated where they led, coming to an open landing and a closed door. Commotion could be heard from beyond the door. Making haste, the Eldritch Blades burst in on several more half-orcs and their leaders, a tiefling wizard and a cleric of Bane, trying to make a quick exit. The Blades immediately engaged the mercenaries, preventing their flight. The battle was savage. The tiefling wizard exploded thunder amongst her foes, staggering them from the concussive force of her magics. The Blades were able to bring down the mercenaries, laying the last half-orc low. Among the mercenaries belongings, the heroes found ledgers and communiques showing the mercenaries to be led by someone claiming the title, The Blue Duke. The mercenaries were being hired by some unnamed noble within Cauldron itself. The mercenaries had made a deal with one, Drakthar, to the his caverns to smuggle themselves into the city. Enough provisions were stored nearby to supply a much larger force than was currently occupying the caves.

The Blades continued their exploration of the caverns, eventually coming to a recent campsite and a cave entrance in the side of the mountain, opening to the jungle below.

Returning to the caves, the Blades finally came face to face with the owner of the caverns, Drakthar, himself. Beckoning them to their doom, Drakthar battled the heroes, hoping to end the threat to his domain. As the Blades closed to battle Drakthar, the skeletal remains of his foes, scattered around the room, reached out and grabbed at those foolish enough to draw too near. Drakthar soon revealed his true nature, that of a vampire as Linden fell under his gaze and under Drakthar’s control. The battle was wild and furious. Linden was able to break free from Drakthar’s control, only to see others fall to the vampire’s dominance, Morwin and Alex in turn. The pressure from their assault proved too much and in a puff of mist, Drakthar retreated from his throne room.

Quick to pursue him, the Eldritch Blades followed him, needing to cross a 50’ deep chasm to reach Drakthar and his crypt. Vampire spawn erupted from the ground around them, aiding Drakthar against the heroe’s onslaught. It was here that Alex fell under the deep control of the vampire, dominated by his undead gaze. Alex turned his considerable battle talents on his friends, while his mind cried out for release. The battle was fierce. Drakthar was able to drop several of his foes, only to have them rally time and again under the inspiring leadership of Keira and Joesh. Finally did they strike the final blow and kill Drakthar, but not before Alex bullrushed a wounded Keira off the landing to the cold cavern floor 50’ below. Only as the vampire fell was Alex’s mind freed.

With the vampire dead, the Eldritch Blades quickly saw to their wounded, preventing any losses amongst them. Exhausted, the Blades took a long rest, before returning to Cauldron to report their findings and claim their bounty.


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