Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session One: January 22, 2009
Wherein we meet our heroes and they recieve their first mission

Leaving the Drunken Morkoth Inn, the newly formed Eldritch Blades heard a cry for help from nearby. Running to the rescue, the turned into a nearby alley to see a young man being accosted by several thugs. They handily defeated the ruffians.

The young man turned out to be a cleric from the local church to Bahamut. Escorting him back to the church, he relayed that he was returning from the nearby orphanage when we was attacked by the thugs. He was given the warning to stay away from the orphanage.

At the temple, the party was greeted by Jenya, acting head of the temple. The party learned that several children were kidnapped from the orphanage three days prior. She entreats the Eldritch Blades to look into the matter. After she mentioned promise of payment for their efforts, the group agreed to help rescue the children. She provided the group with a divination she performed earlier, with hope that the Blades would be able to decipher its riddle and find the children.

The party followed up on some leads, eventually making their way to the Lantern Street Orphanage. They learned from the head mistress of the orphanage, Gretchyn, that the children were taking at night without any of the other children being disturbed. There was no sign of a break-in, which matched the description they had heard of several other recent kidnappings. They examined the locks of the orphanage to see that they were of the highest quality. Inquiring of their origin, the group learned that all of the locks in the orphanage came from Keygan Ghelve, of Ghelve’s Locks.

The group investigated the locations of some other abductions, and most discovered that the locks at those locations were also bought from Keygan Ghelve.

The party converged on Ghelve’s Locks. The group confronted Ghelve, who was able to put them off initially. Through distraction and subterfuge, Sevain, the group’s rogue, was able to sneak past Ghelve into the back room. There, Ghelve’s guilt was confirmed when Sevain was attacked by several skulks. A fierce battle ensued, with the party victorious, Ghelve in custody, and all of the skulks dead.

Interrogating Ghelve, the group learned of Ghelve’s forced complicity and the entrance to the skulks lair, a secret passage into the long abandoned enclave of Jzadirune.

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