Jeran Fuerst (DECEASED)

A Druid, with a strong dislike of the trappings of the modern world. He finds himself now joined to this group of Adventurers, The Eldritch Blade, in the hopes that his renown will grow to the point where he might demand the release of the precious Earth


Never coming, this dude is dead, dead dead.


Jeran Fürst, is a male Half Elf from the town of Hollowsky, though he doesn’t particularly associate with the Starforest community, favoring to follow his own path in life. Something of a loner, at least among humanoids, he spent much of his youth exploring the forest around Hollowsky, and always felt a sort of kinship with the animals. Around 13 he left the community all-together, and began living among the wolves. With the wolves, he’s traveled all over the Cauldron region, though never much beyond. He’s absolutely disgusted with Kingfisher Hollow, and sees the Plantations there as a raping of the land. For years he’s perpetrated acts of vandalism against these, as he sees them, abominations. In the last few years, he’s been petitioning the local government of Cauldron, in an attempt to reduce dependence on these saps of the land and it’s resources, which has found him living in the city itself. He subsides by doing manual labor, but abhors it, and longs to eventually leave the city and return to the wild…but his attempts to get through to the mayor, and explain the horror of the plantations drive him to stay in the city, even if just a little while longer.

When he’s not working either at the manual labor, which provides him enough for food and occasionally a bed, or petitioning city officials, he can be found at one of the Taverns, generally talking to anyone who will listen about the evils of plantations, and how they’ve pillaged the land. This has gotten him into some small scraps with the plantation workers that often show up for a drink, but his determination keeps him coming back…for the most part folks just ignore him, save the one or two doe-eyed tree-huggers that he invariably seems to attract. He sleeps outdoors most of the time, but will on occasion take a room at Minuta’s Board, if the weather gets too bad.

He get’s very bored with discussions of religion, and if pressed, seems to feel that all the “gods” of the world are really just different facets of some great nature-spirit, that he never really names. As religion bores him, so too do most political discussions (unless of course, the plantations are mentioned). If, however, you get him started on the natural beauty of the forests…he’ll go on for hours.

He speaks Common well, and speaks Elven, though it is very obvious that his grip on Elvish grammar is not the best…he can certainly get by, but to any elf or half-elf listening, they’ll realize he’s never bothered learning the language with any real zeal.

A quick physical description:
About 20 years old, Brown hair, green eyes, 5’8" tall, and about 120 lbs. Very lean looking, as if he doesn’t always get a full meal.

Jeran Fuerst (DECEASED)

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