Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-two: July 8, 2010

Wherein our heroes begin their search for the possessed paladin...

The party woke up early and headed out to meet with Lord Vhalantru, hoping to get some answers as to the events transpiring in Cauldron. They were greeted by him at City Hall, swamped with paperwork and already three-sheets to the wind. They were unable to get much information from Vhalantru, who seemed to be nothing more than a mouthpiece for Lord Mayor Navalant’s proclamations than having any power to affect what was going on. They left City Hall and tried to gain an audience with Captain Skellerang, but were rebuffed.

The group proceeded then to Redgorge, where they met up with Maavu and his compatriots, a group known as The Chisel. They were a group of merchants claiming to be looking out for the well-being of Cauldron and the surrounding area. They expressed their concern for dark going-ons within Cauldron and their suspicions about Navalant’s evil intentions. The Chisel had been working with the paladin, Alek Tercival, to root out the evil that had taken hold of Cauldron and its government. Unfortunately, Alek was missing and had not been heard from in over a week. They also had news that Skellerang was preparing to march on Redgorge with his militia to take The Chisel into custody. The Chisel beseeched the Eldritch Blades to find Alek, hoping that his return and renunciation of his claim for Captain of the town guard would stave off Skellerang’s invasion.

The group readily agreed and the next morning made their way down the Red River to where they believe Alek to have traveled. Landing on a small beach, the group is attacked by a gnoll hunting party. The fighting is fierce, but the Blades pull through and defeat the gnolls.



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