Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-three: August 5, 2010

Wherein our heroes delve down past demon infested waters...

After a short rest, the group made their way further into the jungle along the well worn hunting path. After several miles, they came across an abandoned cave, containing the remains of two camps; one normal size and one large enough for a giant. Continuing on, they eventually reached the edge of the Demonskar itself. The path ended at a large pipe descending into the ground, the remains of an ancient sewer system. The party continued down inside. They used the map on the back of the ancient tablet they had bought from Tygot to successfully navigate the underground maze of tunnels. It led to to a large pit, open to the sky above, with a path descending down to the pit floor, strewn with rocky debris and a large noxious pool.

Once they reached the bottom of the pit, they were immediately set upon by demonic guardians, emerging from the fetid pool. The fighting was fierce and the Eldritch Blades persevered. The battle taxed their bodies and minds. The group decided to retreat back to the jungle for a long rest.

They ventured forth the next day, descending back down through the sewers to the deep pit. Moving forward beyond the pit floor, they encounter further guards to the underground complex, giants. Though big and strong, the giants couldn’t hold up long against the combined onslaught of the Eldritch Blades.

The group proceeded further into the complex, soon coming to a large barracks. The oversized furniture obviously intended for giant occupants. Three ettins waited in the barracks, ready for the group’s approach. A terrific battle ensued. The Eldritch Blades were able to defeat the ettins, despite the giants’ overwhelming strength.



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