Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-seven: February 17, 2011

Wherein our heroes find treachery and tragedy...

The group awoke the next morning to the ringing of the town bell. They grabbed their gear and raced to the town hall to see what the emergency was. There, Terseon Skellerang was mustering a large force of town guard to march on Redgorge. A half-orc scout had arrived reporting that the Chisel had returned to Redgorge under cover of dark. Skellerang meant to capture them before they could leave the city again. The town guard soon marched for Redgorge, with the Blue Duke’s half-orc mercenary forces camped outside Cauldron following close behind.

Unsure how best to proceed, the Eldritch Blades decided to shadow the forces marching on Redgorge and re-evaluate the situation at Redgorge. Halfway down the mountain pass leading to Redgorge, with the tail of the half-orc forces lost around a bend, the Blades heard a horn sound from ahead and the clash of steel. They raced forward to find their way blocked by a rearguard of half-orcs. Waiting for no parley, the half-orcs attacked.

The fighting was fierce. Savain quickly dispatched the sergeant leading the half-orc force, but was himself nearly felled by a hail of arrows in retribution. Ultimately, the Eldritch Blades overwhelmed the half-orcs and were victorious. The sounds of battle further down the pass could still be heard. Paying no head to the others, Alex raced down the mountain to see what was happening and determine the status of his parents. Jösh, Linden, and Morwin chased after Alex, while Keira and Savain stayed behind for a moment to catch their breaths.

The sight that greeted them was of a terrible battle. Of the hundreds of town guard that had marched from Cauldron, barely fifty remained surrounded by half-orc mercenaries. The group rushed into the fray, fighting to the beleaguered town guard. Terseon Skellerang was dead. There was no sign of Alex’s parents. The town guard was being overwhelmed. Alex lashed out at any half-orc nearby. Josh rallied the guard to him. With Morwin leading the way and Linden helping to clear a path, they fought their way out of the half-orc throng. Keira and Savain arrived on the scene as the guard broke free of the half-orc ranks. The guard fled back to Cauldron with the Eldritch Blades acting as a rear guard. As they retreated, no half-orc force pursued them and they were all able to make it back to Cauldron.

Of the town guard who marched out of Cauldron, barely more than forty returned. The guard were escorted to the Church of the Righteous Blade for medical attention by Jenya and her clerics. Josh raced to town hall to alert the city of the betrayal of the half-orcs and the Blue Duke. Barely holding Alex back from seeking immediate revenge for his parent’s deaths, the party regrouped to decide what their next course of action would be.



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