Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-nine: March 31, 2011

Wherein our heroes face the master of the Demonskar...

The group set about repairing as much damage to the city as they could, in preparation for the battle they knew was coming the next day. Jöshand Keiraspent most of the night confirming the debilitating effects that the empowered Basalt Bastions would have on the demons they were sure to face. After toiling for many hours, the group found places to rest and recuperate.

Early the next morning, they were awoken by the clang of alarms and shouts from the streets. They scrambled out into the city to see the whole militia mobilizing and manning the walls surrounding the town. The group raced to the top of the walls. Not far from the protection of the city marched a horde of demons led by the legendary glabrezu, Nabthatoron.

Jösh moved to the fore atop the gates of Redgorge, lifted Alakast high, and cried out his defiance against the demon lord. Seeing the artifact of his original defeat raised against him, Nabthatoron unleashed his horde on the city as he launched himself towards the group of heroes challenging his destruction of Redgorge.

Aided by the protective wards in the Basalt Bastions, the Eldritch Blades proved to be a match for the mighty glabrezu. Even with the help of a wave of vrocks come to his defense, the Eldritch Blades felled the great demon and once and for all ended the threat the Surabar Spellmason had devoted so much to defend against.

With the fall of their master, the demon horde no longer had a force driving them to assault the city. The demons scattered and fled back to the Demonskar. The city of Redgorge was safe once more.



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