Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty: June 10, 2010

Wherein our heroes foil the mad plans of nature amuck...

The Eldritch Blades entered into the cave entrance before them, making their way towards a bright violet light similar to that illuminating the forest cavern. Soon, they were pushing aside larger and larger cobwebs stretching across their path. Linden’s keen eyes spotted an ambush of Deathjump Spiders ahead of them. The fight was quick; the group easily dispatched the handful of arachnids that fell on them.

Moving ahead through increasingly thick and more dense webbing, the group spied large shapes moving ahead of them. Moving ahead cautiously, Linden was caught by surprise by the sudden appearance of an enormous spider right next to him. Attempts by others of the Blades found them suddenly teleported many feet away. The group was additionally set upon by swarms of other spiders and several more of the Deathjump Spiders they’d fought previously. The fighting was fierce; the poison from the many spiders’ bites hindering the party’s offensive. The Eldritch Blades persevered, finally defeating the last of the spiders; Alex and Morwin close to exhaustion from the ordeal.

The group decided to press on. The strange violet light intensifying as the moved further into the cave. They finally came upon a cave at the end of the long tunnel. Large tables lined the walls, stacked with alchemical paraphernalia. An enormous crystal jutted from the cave floor, illuminating the room in a disturbing violet light. The floor of the cave was covered in a carpet of dark purple mushrooms. Busy working in the room were two dryads, a vine horror, all seemingly lead by a mad wood woad.

The group attempted to parley with the wood woad, hoping to learn what he was up to. Their talk was cut short by Savain’s dagger flying through the air and barely missing one of the dryads. Crying foul, the wood woad ordered his minions to attack the intruders. Alex engaged both dryads, while the others focused on destroying the large crystal. Alex held his own against the dryads, as the others defended themselves from the assault of the vine horror and wood woad, still focusing their attacks on the crystal. After many repeated blows, Sevain was finally able to wedge his dagger into a crack in the crystal, causing it to quickly fracture and shatter apart. This enraged the wood woad, aided by the vine horror, redoubled his attack against the group. The dryads seemed to awake from a slumber. Fully realizing what was happening around them, the two dryads leaped and vanished into two large mushrooms nearby. The group was then able to focus their attacks on their two foes, eventually putting an end to their threat.

Searching the room, the group discovered notes from the wood woad detailing his experiments with the caustic mushrooms layering the floor, leading to the poison the turned the workers at the Lucky Monkey into trees. Unable to distill an antidote themselves, they group gathered up a collection of the mushrooms and the notes, returning to Cauldron for some rest, their payment from Maavu, and the means of curing the workmen they were hired to rescue.



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