Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Twenty-four: August 19, 2010

Wherein our heroes recover the wayward paladin...

The group proceeded north, attracted by the rhythmic sounds of a smithy. Wasting little time, the large, iron doors blocking their way were pulled open. Inside, they were greeted by two fire giants, busy with their metalworking and surprised by the intrusion. The Eldritch Blades moved in quickly and attacked, surrounding the two fire giants and hemming the in next to their work tables. As the battle commenced, the huge, iron furnace in the room began spitting out small fire drakes, which joined the fray, harassing the heroes. The giants’ blows fell with a terrible might, but their swings were slow and easily blocked or dodged by the Eldritch Blades. As quickly as they could dispatch the fire drakes, the furnace continued to belch out more. Jösh thought quickly and turned his arcane expertise to deactivating the enchantment allowing the furnace to function. As the battle raged around him, he focused his eldritch powers through his magic lute, overpowering the magic fueling the furnace and quenching its fire. Before long, the group felled one fire giants and the other soon following.

They continued their exploration of the underground complex, eventually making their way to a multi-pillared room. Each pillar sported a clear globe of some clear liquid in its middle. At the base of each pillar was a basin into which the clear liquid flowed. Morwin and Sevain decided to partake of the liquid, finding their physical might greatly increased but their mental facilities equally diminished. Meanwhile, Linden had been investigating one of the doors leading out of the chamber. With little more time for him to peer past the door, Morwin, with her newly found sense of bravado, barged past him into the hallway beyond.

Linden raced ahead of her to the far door, hoping to identify any dangers before Morwin could storm past. He had just begun his search when Morwin reached him and flung the door open. They were met on the other side by a foul group of demon spawn. The group moved in to attack, fighting off successive waves of the vile creatures. They pushed the demons further back into the complex to a large marble room. In the center of the room knelt Sir Alek Tercival himself. In front of him, on a raised dais, stood three angels chanting over a pedastal and basin of clear water.

Seeing the Eldritch Blades entering their sanctum, the angels bid Alek to defend them. Standing up and facing the group, they could clearly see the madness in Alek’s eyes. He immediately attacked Morwin. With the remaining demons quickly defeated, the rest of the group moved in to aid Morwin and try to understand what was actually transpiring. With some quick thinking from Linden and Josh, the angels were revealed to actually be hags and the pedastal in fact a dank, bubbling cauldron. The group fought hard against the aural attacks of the hags. Keira cried out to Alek, grabbing onto the little shred of sanity that remained to him and forced him to confront the true visage of the angels he was protecting. He cried out in anguish as he tried to reconcile the clashing messages in his already distraught mind. Keira called out to Alek again, beseeching him to remember his calling and to return to them. The mental conflict proved too much for Alek’s shattered mind. With a last cry of pain, he collapsed to the floor. Meanwhile, the battle continued to rage. The dark whispers and screeching howls of the hags buffeted the group, but one by one the Eldritch Blades were able to destroy the evil fey.

They rested and attempted to diagnose Alek’s condition. As some of them began exploring the room, a loud roar broke the quiet as a demon, larger than any foe they had yet faced materialized amidst them. A glabrezu, one of the most formidable of the Abyss’s denizens, had appeared. “Incompetent fools,” it uttered. It focused its gaze on the prone form of Alek. “You shall not be allowed to disrupt my plans.”

The group mustered together, abject fear filling their hearts. They jumped to the defense of Alek, their attacks ineffective and drawing no notice of the powerful demon. It reached out with its clawed hands, grasping Alek and lifting him high. The crunch of bone could be heard as it crushed Alek in its claws. It gazed down and beams of malevolent energy shot from its eyes, hitting Alek full in the face. The Blades reacted as best they could, pulling Alek free and trying to make a hasty retreat. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, leaving behind the smoking, shattered corpse of Alek Tercival.



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