Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-two: May 12, 2011

Wherein our heroes find time for a puzzle...

The fight against the lamia was fierce and desperate. Already tired from the day’s explorations, the group pulled out every last trick and tool in their attempt to defeat the lamia and her scarab swarms. The fight almost proved too much for the heroes, but one by one the scarab swarms were crushed and eventually the lamia too fell to the Eldritch Blade’s might.

Exhausted and near collapse, the group retreated to the map room for some much needed rest. The night past uneventfully and the party was able to recuperate and continue their explorations.

The passed through the only entrance left unexplored to them at the back of the immense structure occupying the plateau. They entered into a large room filled with tapestries hung from the walls and ceiling. Searching the room, they found two hidden doors but could not discover the mechanism to opening them.

Most of the tapestries depicted outdoor scenes. One in particular showed a door covered in arcane runes. A thief was depicted being flung from the door, in a shower of sparks. A nearby companion was shown reaching out in surprise with a key exactly like the one the group had retrieved from the pool in his hand. On a hunch, Savain touched the key to the tapestry. A loud clicking, as a door unlocking, could be heard but neither of the hidden doors they had found seemed to be affected.

Alex wandered into an adjoining room containing an odd staff casting shadows on a wall lined with two rows of brass and iron numbers from one to twelve. Alex found that if he stood in front of the staff he could project his shadow at a particular number on the wall. Alex picked a number at random and sent his shadow at it. Immediately, a stream of shadowy tendrils shot from the number and five wraiths materialized.

The heroes were beset by mad whispers from the wraiths, debilitating the group as they tried to fight off the insidious mental intrusion. The touch of the wraiths were even enough to send a hero into temporary madness, enough to attack each other in their brief loss of control. The group persevered and dispatched the wraiths, though not without much effort.

They turned their attention back to the hidden doors and the puzzle of the numbers in the side chamber. Through much discussion, they tried again, casting a shadow at one of the numbers, hoping that they had guessed correctly. They did not. Again, they were beset by wraith and only through much trial were the wraiths again defeated.

Lindenwas able to tie a sundial the group had seen during their fight with the lamia to this puzzle, surmising that the time on the sundial might correspond to one of the twenty-four numbers on the wall. They made a quick dash back to the sundial, measuring the change in time on the sundial and the time it took to get to and from the sundial. Stepping in from of the staff after calculating what time would be showing on the sundial, Linden cast his shadow at the appropriate number. The group was met with a click as one of the hidden doors swung open.



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