Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-three: May 26, 2011

Wherein our heroes find some disagreement with themselves...

The group passed through the hidden door and entered into a long hallway. They could hear the sounds of a dinner party up ahead. Advancing cautiously, they entered into another room of odd angles and curved walls. Like many other locations in the complex, these walls too were covered in strange arcane runes that seemed to channel energy… elsewhere.

They entered into the odd room. For a split second, darkness enveloped the room. Just as quickly, the darkness lifted and the group found themselves facing exact duplicates of themselves. They engaged each other in battle. The illusion masking their enemies was strong enough that the Blades found themselves often times striking friend rather than foe. As each foe was slowly felled, the illusion dropped from that enemy revealing it to be a type of spriggan, but where the blow should have killed the creature outright, it hung on to undeath for just long enough to attack on last time. Through much effort and travail, the party was able to kill the last of the spriggans and were again ready for a long rest.

Looking for a defensible spot to rest, the group explored into the next room. Plush carpets covered the floor of this opulent room. An ornate chandelier hung from the ceiling. Expensive gaming tables occupied spots along the walls around the room. Think the opulence of the room a good indication of how comfortable it would be to rest there, they entered further into the room. As they did so, shadowy figures appeared at each of the tables and several of the group became compelled to play the games. They soon discovered that poor strategy and failed guile caused painful feedback from the games. Efforts were made to escape the games and to complete the games. Beating the game seemed to completely deactivate whatever magic was compelling them to play. Most of the group felt the desire to beat the game at each table and thus disarm them. Meanwhile, Alex retreated to the safety of the prior room. Through careful planning, good tactics, a sly hand, and much teamwork, the rest of the party was able to deactivate each table in turn.

With that accomplished, with members of the group both physically and mentally exhausted, the party collapsed for a much needed rest.


Tough battle. Our Evil Clones had annoying and effective defenses. Game trap was very cool, though the dominated status they imposed made it hard to roleplay the effects as they limited actions.

Session Thirty-three: May 26, 2011

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