Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-six: August 4, 2011

Wherein our heroes peak into the greater consipiracy...

The group explored the seemingly abandoned rooms of the temple. They found there way to a rectory where the priests would prepare for their services. There they found enough clerical robes for the whole party. Donning the robes, they made their way through the altar room to the grand hall. Disguised in the robes and with some quick talking by Jösh, the group was able to bypass the mercenaries guarding the enormous hall to access the stairwell leading up into the temple.

They ransacked Ike Iverson’s and Embril Eloustani’s chambers before reaching the top of the stairs. At the top, they found Ike surrounded by undead, ready for their arrival. With a scream, he ordered the attack on the party. A fierce combat ensued. The group battled the death knights and shades protecting Ike, as a now-Jösh-enchanted-invisible Savain sneaked through the conflict to close with the unsuspecting Ike. With a series of quick slashes and stabs, Savain dropped Ike to the ground bleeding. With a final plunge, Savain ended Ike’s life just as the battle had begun. The undead continued their attack on the party. Their dark powers sapping the very life from the heroes. Keira, Alex, and Morwin had nearly reached their breaking point. A blow from a death knight brought Morwin to the brink of death. Her companions rushed to defeat the knights and rescue her from oblivion. Keira was able to stabilize her fallen friend as the rest of the group felled the last death knight.

They took a moment to recover themselves and revive Morwin. In the chamber, they found a familiar object. A soulcage was hung from the spire rising above them. They lowered it to examine the cage further. Joesh made a connection between the cages and a place in the Astral Sea called Carceri, a place where the gods imprison their greatest foes. Their investigation finished for the moment, they donned the stolen clerics robes again and were able to exit the temple unmolested further.

Reviewing a letter they had found in Embril’s quarters, from someone named Fetor to High Priestess, he explained his continued research of something called “the soul pillars” for more information regarding a ritual involving the cages. Fetor and the soul pillars were somewhere called Kuran Kural, which Joesh connected with the ancient Spellweaver complex they’d explored while tracking down Triel Eldurast.



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