Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-seven: September 15, 2011

Wherein our heroes explore the frigid depths of Kurran Kural...

Unsuccessful in their search for the location of Kurran Kural, the group decided to return to the spell weaver complex they had previously explored. After defeating the creatures guarding the entrance to the complex, they were able to freely search through the abandoned complex, eventually discovering the location of the entrance to Kurran Kural, where they hoped to confront Fetor Abraxious and learn more about the forces working against them and Cauldron.

They wasted no time in reaching the entrance and followed twisting tunnels deeper and deeper beneath the volcano. After many hours, they reached the frigid halls of Kurran Kural. The arctic temperature sapped the heat from their bodies. They proceeded with caution through a mammoth ice wall and deeper into the complex. They reached a room filled with lattices of ice, hindering any movement through. Two large walls of ice blocked any exit from the room.

Keira made her way in, negotiating her way past the ice lattices. She was immediately set upon by a group of ice gargoyles. The rest of the group moved in to engage and aid Keira. As the fight progressed, the party came to realize the threat of the gargoyles, entombment in solid ice with the gargoyles. The group persevered, destroying the gargoyles. They were left to determine how to bypass the walls of ice and continue their search for Fetor.



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