Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-one: April 28, 2011

Wherein our heroes fall in love with the Feywild...

The group explored further into the area, soon coming to a clearing with an abandoned campground. As they moved in to investigate, the campsite itself rose up and attacked the party. A hidden will-o’-wisp soon joined in against the group. As the battle commenced, the stony eye atop a nearby pillar began putting members of the group to sleep. They quickly dispatched the animated debris of the campsite. While the rest of the team dispatched the will-o’-wisp, Keira climbed the pillar and disabled the magical effects of the stone eye.

Linden’s tracking took them to the foot of a spiral staircase next to a river, rushing past from a nearby waterfall. Climbing the stairs, they entered a mostly empty room. In the center of the room, the found a scale model of the nearby plateau, of how it used to be, rather than with the irregular building that now occupied its top.

With some minor difficulty, the party crossed to a plateau, entering a strange room. It seemed to transport them back to the Prime Material plane. Exiting the opposite side of the room, they found themselves in a clearing in the Feywild again. Their explorations took them back across the river to a building made of odd angles and curves.

Inside, Savain’s quick reflexes snagged a platinum key from a pool protected by a water serpent.

Exploring into the next room, the party found a young maiden shackled to the wall. She warned that her family had already been taken and feared that “they” were coming back for her. As the group moved to release her from her bindings, she rose up and lashed out at them, her bindings falling away. Swarms of scarabs crawled from the floor and walls to assist the woman in her assault on the team.



I love the title of this one.

Session Thirty-one: April 28, 2011

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