Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-four: June 9, 2011

Wherein our heroes please a queen and return home...

After a much needed rest, the group gathered themselves and continued their exploration of their strange surroundings. Searching the room that they’d fought their dopplegangers, they found a switch hidden away in an alcove. Forgoing any discussion, Morwin pulled the lever and was met with an audible click from back in the tapestry room. The second secret door they had found was opened.

The entered into a large room. Several cairns lay near them; the largest sat atop a semicircular dais by the eastern wall. Further into the room, they could see abundant growths of ivy covering many of the walls. Exploring further in, the party was set upon by death knights and the skin shell of a firbolg, all risen from the cairns. As the party engaged with the undead threat, a creature of vine, bramble, root, and branch emerged from behind them out of the thick ivy. The fight was dire. Jösh found himself facing one of the death knights alone, hemmed in by the terrain, while the rest of the Blades engaged the other threats. The ivy monster lashed out with poisonous vine, seemingly able to strike anywhere across the room, wrapping an unfortunate hero in its grasp. The death knights would fall, only to rise again; only the purifying power of flame or the divine able to end their existence.

At one point, all seemed lost. Most of the Eldritch Blades lay exhausted, battered, and bleeding on the cold stone floor. Keira let out a mighty cry. “Rise up, my friends! We may fall one day, but not this day! Not this day! Fight!” Rallying to Keira’s shout, the party pushed themselves for one last stand. Together, they felled the death knights and cut the heart from the ivy beast.

Though tired, they decided to press on further. Deeper in the room, they found a door much like the one depicted in the tapestry room to which Savain had pressed the adamantine key they had found. They found the door unlocked.

Passing through, they entered into a pentagonal shaped room, to which all of the arcane energies funneling throughout the complex seemed to be channeled, channeled into and through a cobbled, wooden structure in the center of the room. To where and for what purpose, they could not determine. With a few simple swings of their weapons, the structure was destroyed. The energies flowing through the building ceased.

Their task seemingly done, the group left the plateau to return home. Outside, they were greeted by none other than Anan, The Eventide Queen, Keira’s patron. She congratulated the group for cleansing the plateau, providing them with a refreshing feast, her blessing, and save passage out of the Feywild.



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