Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-four: June 23, 2011

Wherein our heroes are attacked at home...

Returning from the Feywild, the group found Cauldron in no better shape than they left it. They spent the next couple of days selling, shopping, and recuperating before planning on their next course of action. As they were enjoying themselves at tip The Tipped Tankard, three assassins revealed themselves and assaulted the party. The battle was hard fought, but the Blades proved their mettle. All three assassins met their end. All that remained was the mystery of who sent them.

Suspicious of some odd news about the The Spire of the Stern Lady, the group decided to investigate the temple under cover of night. With some effort, Savain picked the lock to the temple’s main doors. Keira opened the doors to take a look inside, only to be met by two arrows piercing her shoulder. A small force of dragonborn and ogre mercenaries was arrayed inside the temple. Keira slammed the door closed and called for the tactical withdrawal of the party. Alex sealed the doors for proof against pursuit before he too fled. The group retreated home to lick their wounds and their pride, and to plan what to do next.

The following day arrived with seemingly no repercussions for the prior nights events. Linden and Morwin found the doors to The Spire of the Stern Lady under repair after “being vandalized” the night before. Alexander and Jösh followed up at the Tipped Tankard, find it mostly recovered from the fight last evening. They proceeded to the town guard barracks and enlisted Guard Captain Skylar Krewis in their investigation into who hired the assassins. Keira and Savain searched the seedier side of Cauldron for clues, finding a helpful hand in Artus Shemwick again. For a small sum of coin, he agreed to help in finding the answers they sought.

On the evening of the next day, the group met up with Artus again to see what he had discovered. It turned out that the assassins had been hired by Ike Iverson, the current head of the temple of The Raven Queen, with Embril Aloustani out of the city. He informed them that at the same time the assassins were hired, mercenaries were also contracted to supplement the security of the temple.

The group was left with the task of puzzling out the next best approach to breaching the temple and confronting Ike Iverson.


Thanks for a great session, Rich, and for updating the log! I’m not sorry we retreated. I think Eugene is onto something with the sewer idea.

Session Thirty-four: June 23, 2011

I was thinking that we retreated too soon. There were many of them, but who knows how good they are? On the other hand, the fact that we didn’t engage them means they may not know who we are. Then again, Ike is already trying to kill us, so how could it get worst?

Session Thirty-four: June 23, 2011

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