Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-five: July 21, 2011

Wherein our heroes brave the sewers once again...

Using information from Artus Shemwick, the group proceeded into the sewers of Cauldron, seeking an old access tunnel leading into the crypts below The Spire of the Stern Lady. Through Linden’s keen guidance, they navigated the labyrinthine sewers to a room containing the entrance they sought. Rotting dead bodies and heaps of waste and refuse littered the room. Entering, the party was assaulted by rot grub swarms and an otyugh. They ultimately fended off the vermin, but not before Keira and Alex contracted a touch of Filth Fever from the otyugh.

The group entered into the catacombs below the temple. Having passed through several rooms of crypts and mausoleums, they arrived at the last chamber of the catacombs which would exit out to an antechamber and the temple beyond. They found the exit barred and the room quickly filling with rotting zombies. Savain and Linden rushed to unlock the door while the others fended off the zombie horde. In time, Savain opened the way to the adjoining antechamber before the group was overwhelmed. The group escaped out of the crypt and barred the door behind them.

As the group entered the temple proper, they were met by a guard of mercenaries. The fight was short and brutal. The Eldritch Blades quickly overran the small guard force and prepared their further assault on the temple.


Good work and thank you!

Session Thirty-five: July 21, 2011

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