Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Thirty-eight: September 29, 2011

Wherein our heroes face down the dreaded guardian...

The group smashed their way through one of the ice walls blocking their progress. They found the hallway beyond collapsed. Wasting no time, they smashed through the remaining ice wall and proceeded further into the complex.

As they explored, they encountered what remained of the spell weavers’ test subjects and uncovered more information regarding the history of the spell weavers and their purpose behind Kurran Kural. They found themselves in what seemed to be the last room of the complex. At the back of the room, a tunnel appeared to have been bored down through the stone floor. As they approached to investigate, two large earth elementals rose up and attacked the group. In short order, the party reduced the elementals to rubble. Seeing no other avenue to explore, the group plunged down through the tunnel chute in the floor.

The chute exited them on the floor below. They continued their exploration and soon found themselves in a large room filled with ice columns and stalactites. As they proceeded in, they were set upon by a group of chain devils. The fighting was fast and furious. The Eldritch Blades quickly defeated the devils and pressed on.

They next found themselves in a room, dominated by two large pillars made of grey, necrotic flesh. Jösh was able to discern the power hidden in the pillars and activated them. The souls trapped within the pillars strained against the skin of the pillars as the group asked for information about Fetor and his activities.

They pressed on. They came upon an enormous domed chamber. Massive pillars, similar to the two they had just encounterd, dominated the center of the chamber. Protecting the pillars, a dracoliche wasted no time to attack the group. Through superior tactics, the dragon proved no match for the might of the party. Soon, they had reduced the ancient creature to detritus on the chamber floor.

The group wasted no time in finding what treasure waited for them in the dragon’s hoard at the rear of the chamber.



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