Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Six: June 18, 2009

Wherein our heroes lose a friend and defeat the slavers

Having recuperated after a long rest, the group headed out to rescue any prisoners who might still be in their cells. They were directed where to go by Coryston Pike, who they’d recently freed from torture at the hands of the goblins. Fellian escorted her to the elevator and would wait for any more released captives.

The group turned down a hallway which would lead them to the cell blocks housing the kidnap victims. As they entered, they were attacked by animated statues from behind illusory walls. It took several seconds before the group could perceive through the walls to see their assailants. As his elven eyes pierced the illusion, Jeran discerned a large, gelatinous cube perilously close to Savain. Savain had moved farthest into the room to scout ahead of the group. Jeran’s warning was not enough to save Savain from being engulfed by the cube. The group was able to quickly dispatch the animated statues, but were caught in a cycle of being engulfed by the cube, digested a bit, and breaking free of its mass, only to be engulfed again soon after. The group took an overly cautious approach to fighting the cube, which did little to prevent it from continuing to grab some of them into its girth. Fight it they did and they eventually reduced it to so much goo, but not before Morwin and Jeran suffered its acidic belly and were digested.

Taking a moment to recover, several of the group explored ahead to the cell blocks and found several victims languishing in their cells. They were soon freed. Keira directed the group to escort everyone back to Cauldron in the hope that they would find some way to revive their fallen comrades.

Back in Cauldron, the group was able to convince Jenya Urikas at the Church of Bahamut to perform the long ritual of raising Morwin. In the interim, Keira returned to the Drunken Morkoth, hoping that she’d be able to hire a replacement for Jeran. Luck was with her and she hired on the young half-elven bard, Jösh. Early the next day, the group with Jösh and a healthy Morwin, proceeded back to the Malachite Fortress to confront the remaining slavers.

They exited the elevator and entered the Fortress, where they discovered the slavers prepared for them. They had set up rudimentary barricades and unleashed a spray of crossbow bolts as the Blades entered the main hall. The battle was quick and fierce, Jösh proving his worth during this, his first battle with the group.

The party advanced into the fortress, finding every room they came to ransacked and abandoned, if only recently. They entered into the last great hall, with the goblin slavers and their half-troll master, Kazmojen, ready for them. The last remaining slaves cowered at the back of the hall, including the missing orphans. A terrible battle ensued. Most of the party was locked in combat with Kazmojen and his goblins towards the front of the hall; Keira and Jösh encouraging their comrades to greater heights, Alex and Morwin drawing swords blows away from the others, and Savain taking every opportunity to slide his daggers into any breach in his enemy’s defenses. Linden traded bow shots with the goblins at the back of the hall, taking as much as he gave. Early in the battle, from nowhere, an eye tyrant appeared; its awesome, fearful form startling all in the room. Admonishing Kazmojen, it just as quickly disappeared, taking one of the orphans, young Terrem, with it. When the last ring of steel sang, the Eldritch Blades were all that remained standing. They freed the prisoners and collected what treasure they could find.

Returning to Cauldron, they escorted the children back to the orphanage. They found the boy, Terrem, there waiting for them. Back at the Church of Bahamut, Jenya gratefully greeted them, happy for their success. She paid them what was promised and expressed the Church’s gratitude for their efforts.

The Eldritch Blades decided to take some downtime before tackling their next adventure.



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