Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Seventeen: March 18, 2010

Wherein our heroes return to the Lucky Monkey

The party was contacted by a local merchant, Maavu, to discuss a business proposition. Maavu informed the group that he and a collection of other merchants had come together to repair and reopen The Lucky Monkey, after the recent massacre there left it empty. They had sent out a team to assess the damage down to the inn and to begin repairs. Maavu hadn’t heard from that team in a week; he wanted to hire the Eldritch Blades to return to the inn and investigate the silence.

Early the next day, the Eldritch Blades made for the Lucky Monkey. As they approached the inn, they could see the grounds around the inn overrun with new mature trees. They also spotted several bugbears lurking amongst the trees, as well as a troll eating its meal on the other side of the inn. The party attempted to sneak around the intruders and catch them by surprise, failing as Morwin crashed through the woods with Josh stumbling behind her.

The ensuing battle was fierce; the Eldritch Blades used every resource they had against the troll and bugbears. The melee was hard fought, but the Eldritch Blades proved victorious.

Having spent most of the day traveling and exhausting themselves in the last fight, the group decided to make camp in the inn to recuperate for the night. Taking some time to investigate, they determined that all of the new trees were in fact the repair crew they were sent to find. Linden took it upon himself to commune with the primal spirits in the area. He discovered that whatever process transformed the work crew could be reversed and that the remedy lay below the roots of a massive oak far off in the woods. He was able to convince the spirits to provide him a guide to the oak the next day.



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