Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Seven: July 16, 2009

Wherein our heroes track down some goblin vandals

The Eldritch Blades were on the trail of some goblins who had been vandalizing the southern portion of Cauldron. Staking out the area, they spied a group of goblins painting graffiti on a store front. They moved to engage the goblins, allowing them to run away. The group tailed the goblins and watched as they escaped into Orak’s Bathhouse. They spotted some cloaked figures outside of the bathhouse, but when they approached closer to investigate, the cloaked figures were gone.

After quickly regrouping, the Blades busted into the bathhouse to find it empty, except for a rather surprised and irate Orak. A heated discussion ensued between them; Orak calling the Blades thieves and to leave immediately; the Blades trying to get Orak to admit his complicity with the goblins and their whereabouts. As Keira and Josh quarreled with Orak, Alex and Linden tried to subtly survey the bathhouse for the goblin’s location. Sevain kept an eye out for any outside interference. Through their argument, Josh was able to gleam that Orak wasn’t himself; he seemed compelled in his argument.

Orak claimed proof of his innocence and excused himself to get it from his office. He returned with a warhammer in hand. He set upon the group. As the fight was engaged, Sevain was waylaid by four cloaked wererats outside the bathhouse. Linden shot true with his bow, his arrow sinking deep into Orak’s side. Seeing him seriously wounded, Keira talked Orak into surrendering. The rest of the Blades turned their attention to the wererats who were quickly overtaken.

A thorough search of the bathhouse revealed a locked iron door, behind which were stairs leading down below Cauldron. Securing Orak in his office, the Blades proceeded down after the goblins.

They entered into a sparsely lit dungeon. The sounds of gutteral chatter and barks could be heard coming from down a nearby hallway. They quickly investigated their immediate area, finding no opposition. They proceeded down the hall towards the commotion they were hearing. Linden advanced ahead, entering the doorway the sounds were coming from. He surprised two goblins as they chatted. They let out a cry for help and the rest of the Eldritch Blades converged on them. The group was able to cut down one goblin, but not before the other retreated further back into the warren. When the Blades pursued, they were met with a larger force of goblins and dire wolves. The fighting was fierce and frustrating. Two hexers filled the room they were in with a vexing cloud, obscuring the view of everything in the room and which would sting to distraction any of the Blades unlucky enough to enter it. The fight was long, taxing both the Blades resources and their patience. The group slowly dispatched the goblin warriors and wolves. Finally, the long, drawn out battle was ended with the death of the two hexers, their vexing clouds dissipating with their demise.

The Blades took a moment to rest and take stock of themselves before deciding whether to adventure further or not.



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