Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Nineteen: May 13, 2010

Wherein our heroes find their way to the other side...

The party meandered their way through the forest, turning left whenever the need arose. Eventually, they found themselves back at the entrance to the cavern. They then decided to make a concerted effort to navigate to the center of the underground forest; Linden’s keen senses and aptitude for the outdoors led the way.

Before long, they reached a clearing in the center of the large forest. There, they encroached on the den of a couple of owlbears, who took the approach of the group as a hostile act and attacked, defending their home. The forest seemed to come alive as a shambling mound joined the fray. The battle was fierce. The large beasts proved quite hardy and took extensive effort from the group to finally put them down. Taking a short rest, Linden’s keen elven eyes detected smoke, reminiscent of campfires, rising from the far end of the cavern. The group made haste towards whatever tended those fires.

Coming to the edge of the forest, the group could see two parties of bugbears camped out in front of a large cave entrance. Taking everyone by surprise, Savain rushed one of the groups, momentarily blinding them with a flurry of dagger throws. The rest of the party soon joined the fight. The Eldritch Blades were able to easily subdue the bugbear guards. Now they looked to the cave entrance, hoping the cure they were searching for lay within.



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