Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Fourteen: January 21, 2010

Wherein our heroes storm the fortress

Refreshed from their rest, the Eldritch Blades stole into the ancient fortress looming from the cavern wall. Entering through the northern most door, they are met by guards ready for their trespass. Several guards had positioned themselves on a balcony overlooking the entrance; Alex catching several crossbow bolts upon entering. Responding quickly and through some clever acrobatics from Savain, the group was able to quickly overcome the guards.

They quickly proceeded further into the complex, eventually coming to an opening in the worked stone walls. A lave tube had broken through to the interior and led back to a series of caverns. The party decided to explore this new area, soon set upon by skeletal behemoths and flaming skeletons. A fiery battle ensued; the Eldritch Blades victorious, having reduced their foes to bone and dust.

They ventured further into the caverns, coming to a room lit by a single candle, but with that light reflected a thousand times over by volcanic crystals encrusted in the cavern wall. A lone stone sarcophagus stood in the center of the room. Entering further, they discovered the cavern was not unprotected, as two large undead larval beasts emerged from behind the sarcophagus and attacked them. Worm-like tendrils writhed from their mouths; the touch of those frightful appendages causing horrendous pain. A fierce battle ensued. Alex got separated from the group at one point during the chaos, fighting alone against one of the worms. He was able to hold out long enough for his comrades to finish off the worm’s companion and come to Alex’s rescue. Soon, that worm too lay dead.

Going to the sarcophagus, the group opened it to uncover what lay within. With little effort, they were able to pry the lid off. Inside lay heaps and bags of treasure, much to the groups excitement.



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