Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Forty-six: March 15, 2012

Wherein our heroes see Cauldron come alive...

They awoke early the next morning to violent tremors. They were immediately summoned by Jenya to the Church of the Righteous Blade. When the group arrived, Jenya informed them of her attempts at divination and communion with Bahamut. While she had yet to discover the location of the Cagewrights, she believed that the tremors were a prelude to a terrible catastrophe for Cauldron. She asked the group to aid in evacuating Cauldron, else she feared for the unthinkable loss of life that would occur. In the meantime, she and her clerics would do their best to continue searching for the location of the Cagewrights.

The Eldritch Blades set out at once, already seeing panic starting to set in to the populace. The citizens of Cauldron were already starting to flee the city. As the tremors became more and more violent, fissures cracked open the streets of Cauldron. Steam vents burst through the ground beneath the fleeing people. Buildings collapsed from the constant quaking. Magma flowed into the streets. The group spread out through the city, encouraging people to evacuate and directing them to the exits, trying to save as many as they could.

Cauldron on fire



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