Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Forty-seven: March 29, 2012

Wherein our heroes see their home fall to ruin...

The Eldritch Blades continued their frantic efforts to evacuate Cauldron, overcoming many obstacles to help the citizens of the city. They fought off magma elementals and lava dragons. They cleared paths through blocked streets and directed the fleeing citizens to the city exits.

With the last of the citizenry, the Blades left the city they called home as it quaked and burned behind them. They made their way to Redgorge where most of the refugees had escaped to. As they approached the city, Jenya exited a large tent set up just outside the city gates. She came to the heroes and thanked them for their efforts in evacuating Cauldron. While they were so occupied, her clerics had continued their communion with Bahamut. She had the answers to the Cagewrights that the party was seeking. She pleaded with them to make haste as the continued rumblings of the volcano spelled certain doom for all.



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