Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Forty-one: December 22, 2011

Wherein the group confronts a figure from Savain's past...

The group made their way down one of the connecting corridors, heading deeper into the guild complex. The rhythmic hammering of a blacksmith reached their ears. They sneaked quietly to a closed wooden door. The familiar clang of metal shaping metal rang through it. Heedless of the danger, Alex burst into the room, eager to find his sister. There in the room toiled several dwarves, fashioning new weapons for the guild.

“Where is my sister? Tell me and you may be spared,” bellowed Alex.

He was met with a curt, “Kill them,” from the master smith at the back of the room.

A furious fight ensued. The group made quick work of the dwarves and continued on their way further into the complex.

Laughter and sobbing drew them into a large storage room. Crates and barrels were stacked high throughout the huge room. As the explored the room looking for the source of the sounds, they were set upon by two assassins; each wore a half mask, one smiling, one frowning. In the melee, a swarm of animated daggers and swords aided the assassins in assaulting the party. It was a bloody battle. The Eldritch Blades proved their mettle, though, besting both assassins and their constructs.

They eventually found themselves in front of a large set of double doors. Alex again wasted no time on caution and burst into the room beyond. Inside they found themselves outnumbered 4-to-1 by Last Laugh thieves, with their leader, the Jester, ready for them. Lauren huddled in a small cage at the back of the room. A fierce battle ensued. When the dust settled, the Jester and all but one of the Last Laugh thieves lay dead. The thief quickly surrendered and Keira decided to take her into her employ. Lauren was released from her cage and reunited with her brother.

The lone adjoining room proved to be the Jester’s private quarters. Searching it, they found a small treasure trove containing the guild’s wealth. They found several ledgers cataloging the Last Laugh’s activities. A recent letter, addressed to the Jester, caught their particular attention.


We know it inconveniences you, but my master bids you hold onto the girl for a short time longer. We understand the risk you have taken in procuring her. Though she is not crucial to our plans, it cannot hurt to have another of the Shackleborn available if she is needed. My master begs your further indulgence and offers his sincerest gratitude.

I am meeting with several interested parties about our future for Cauldron and their potential place in it. Once that meeting is concluded, I will retrieve the girl and bring her to wait with the others. Until then, keep her safe and unharmed.

- Lady Thifirane Rhiavadi


Shackleborn? My sister is one? Are my brother and I also Shackleborn? I don’t know who that Lady is, but she’s going to find herself at the end of an angry stare and a big sword if she keeps coming after my family.


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