Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Forty-five: March 1, 2012

Wherein our heroes debate politics...

The party spent the next week recuperating and debating how best to proceed in locating the Cagewrights. They were summoned one day to a meeting at the Town Hall by Jenya. The most influential personalities in Cauldron were meeting to discuss who next should fill the position of Lord Mayor in the wake of Vhalantru’s recent demise. As the premiere heroes of Cauldron, Jenya felt their opinions important enough to be included.

The debate continued for several hours. Two personalities rose to be the primary contenders, Lord Ankhin Taskerhill and Lord Zachary Aslaxin. As the merits and qualifications of the two candidates were debated, a portal opened into the room, belching forth a small force of duergar. The Eldritch Blades jumped to the rescue, fighting off the duergar attack and protecting all from harm.

After collecting themselves and recovering from the attack, the debate resumed. Eventually, a vote was called, with the majority of votes going to the new Lord Mayor, Zachary Aslaxin.

The party returned home for a quiet might. They were awoken the next morning by an earthquake.



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