Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Forty: December 8, 2011

Wherein the group's troubles hit closer to home than ever before...

The hunt for Alex’s sister and those that took her was begun in earnest. The group spoke with Shensen to hear her tell of the battle that took place in their home and Lauren’s abduction. She identified the abductors as members of the Last Laugh thieves guild.

While Alex and Morwin went about securing what remained of their home,Savain, Linden, and Jösh hit the streets, looking for clues to the location of the thieves guild’s hideout. Walking around town and pressing the flesh, they ended up at one of the handful of taverns down by the crater lake late that night. Everyone they talked to was hesistant and nervous to discuss the Last Laugh. Joesh finished talking to a couple of guys and turned back to the bar to find a napkin folded where there had been no napkin before. Unfolding it, in Artis’ handwriting, there was scrawled, “Meet me where we first met.” The Pavillion.

With Savain and Linden stealthily hidden from view, they quietly made our way to the deserted Pavillion. They spotted a lone man casually leaning against a pillar. They approached him, only to find Artus dead; the only thing holding him up were the daggers that pinned him to the pillar. Another dagger through the man’s heart sparkled with the shining sapphire in the pommel that hallmarked the Last Laugh.

A quick search of his body revealed a note hidden in an inner pocket with the name of a upper class brothel in town, the Fiery Rose. They regrouped with the others at the house, and had to restrain Alex from running over there and killing everyone.

Their restraint proved unfounded. When the party went to the brothel to talk to the girls there, the ladies all came to parlay armed and ready to fight.

They handily dispatched the women of the night, but kept the madame alive, just long enough for Alex to violently interrogate her (and for Joesh to demand a refund for all the times he’d … come there in the past). Suffering under Alex’s torture and with the understanding that Morwin would protect her from further harm, she told them of a secret door in the back of the brothel. After which, Savain made quick work of ending her misery.

Beyond the secret door, they followed a passage leading down below Cauldron. They descended to a large room, some sort of sewage access room, where a bunch of Last Laugh assassins awaited them. One of the assassins proved to be an unarmed monk who was particularly difficult to kill. In the end, the Eldritch Blades triumphed. Using the Speak With Dead Ritual, Joesh learned that the Alex’s sister was nearby. The group paused a moment to lick their wounds, with Alex anxious to burst through the doors at the far side of the room to continue on and find his sister.



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