Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Five: June 4, 2009

Wherein our heroes descend into the Malachite Fortress

Fully rested, the Blades left the safety of the hidden room in search of the elevator that would hopefully take them to the kidnap victims. Retracing their steps a way, the sound of battle could be heard. Running to investigate, they came upon a terrible scene.

An half-elf warrior lay prone on the floor of a large room. An eladrin stood next to him fending off their attackers, bolts of energy flying from his outstretched arms. Surrounding them were a crew of fierce looking goblins, a few already dead. The Eldritch Blades leapt in to assist. With cool efficiency, the Blades dispatched the goblins.

The eladrin identified himself as Fellian Shard. His companion was Fario Ellegoth. Their friend, Elethor Ashstaff, was abducted from his home some three weeks ago. They had caught wind of the Eldritch Blades’ investigation into the recent kidnapping at the orphanage. Keygan Ghelve’s complicity was public knowledge now and then had come down to investigate for themselves and hopefully find their friend. They came as far as this room where they entered battle with the goblins here. Fario put up a good fight and was able to dispatch several goblins before succumbing to his wounds. Fellian was barely holding them back when the Eldritch Blades arrived. Seeing that they had a common goal, the Blades accepted Fellian’s offer to join them, while Fario returned to the surface to recuperate.

Finding and pulling a nearby lever, the floor of the room gave a shudder and began descending down into the depths below Jzadirune. As they descended, the walls transitioned from grey stone to black malachite. Fellian was able to inform the group about the Malachite Fortress, into which they were descending. It had been a dwarven stronghold built to hold back any incursions from the Underdark. After several minutes, the floor gave a final shudder and rested at the bottom of the long shaft.

Exiting the elevator room, the group stumbled onto several goblin guards. The Blades leapt into action, but not before one of the guards alerted several others in the next room. The guards were joined by some more guards, two spellcasters, and two giant beetles. A fierce battle ensued. The party was hampered by vexing clouds conjured by the spellcasters and they were caught on several occassions by fiery blasts from the beetles. In the end, the Eldritch Blades persevered, vanquishing the guards.

Moving onward, they entered into a large room, guarded by four goblins. They made short work of the guards. The room had two large double doors opposite each other. Before deciding which way to go, Linden’s keen elven eyes detected a secret door. The group decided to explore what lay beyond that door.

They investigated several rooms before cries of anguish caught their attention. Racing to investigate, the group stumbled into a bunk room with several goblins. As they maneuvered into the room, they caught sight of several other goblins in the next room torturing a woman. Those goblins joined the fray. The battle was intense, both sides inflicting savage wounds. The Eldritch Blades were slowly able to whittle down the goblin numbers, their eventual victory assured.

They released the woman, discovering her to be one of the kidnap victims. Deliberating what to do next, the Eldritch Blades barred themselves in the bunk room for a rest.



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