Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Eleven: November 12, 2009

Where our heroes attempt the rescue of a serendipidous simian

Coming to the aid of Jenya Urikas, priestess of the Temple of Bahamut, the group made haste to a nearby inn, The Lucky Monkey. Sarcem Delasharn, head of the Temple of Bahamut, sent a dire entreaty for help to Jenya, as bandits had attacked the inn and was quickly being overwhelmed. At her request, the Eldritch Blades journeyed to the inn to lend their assistance.

On their approach to the inn, the group spied figures dragging dead bodies out of the inn and piling them near the forests edge. Approaching cautiously, the group were set upon by bandits. The Blades made short work of the mercenaries and proceeded inside.

In the main common area of the inn, they immediately came upon a larger force of bandits. Battle was engaged with little mincing of words. The bandits were overmatched by the honed skills of the Eldritch Blades and were soon dispatched.

Making their way through the inn, the group found most rooms to be empty, ransacked and plundered. Entering the kitchen, they were confronted with large treasure, joyfully being counted by a feral looking werewolf. Wasting no time, Sevain lept into the room, savaging the werewolf before it fully defend itself. The rest of the group entered the fray, combating the werewolf’s wolf companions.

Before long, the fight drew the attention of some bandits down below in the basement. Blocked from fully entering the fight, the bandits were not able to come to the aid of their leader and soon saw him perish. They quickly retreated below, where the Blades cautiously followed. A fierce fight broke out between the Eldritch Blades and those bandits. Drawing on their every reserve, the Blades were eventually victorious, but it was a hard fought battle.



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