Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Eighteen: April 22, 2010

Wherein our heroes explore what's down that deep, dark hole...

Gathering together the next morning, the group set out further into the woods, following Linden’s spirit guide. For many hours, the panther led them deeper into the forest, eventually leading them to a clearing in front of a massive oak. The roots of the mighty tree split the earth, revealing an entrance leading below ground. A old woman sat on a large stone in from of the oak, barring their way.

Joesh and Linden began conversing with her, trying to convince her to let them past. In the midst of their talk, Savain dashed forward, trying to circumvent the old woman and gain access to the cave entrance. The old woman revealed herself to be a hag, and before Savain could get past her, she called forth her fey defenders to aid her in barring the way from the group. After a tense battle, the Eldritch Blades were victorious and proceeded into the depths below the oak.

Below ground, they found themselves in a natural tunnel leading further underground. Following it, the group emerged into an enormous cavern. An expansive forest filled the interior. Fist sized crystal, covering the cavern ceiling, illuminated the expanse in a bright, purple light. Alex scaled the cavern wall, retrieving several crystals for the group.

The party ventured forth into the woods, hoping to find some sign of the cure they were seeking. As they meandered through the woods, they encountered a nest of dire stirges, which they were able to quickly dispatch.



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