Cauldron, The Shackled City

Session Three: April 23, 2009

Wherein our heroes learn to fear bathing spiders

Well rested, the Eldritch Blades regrouped at Ghelve’s Locks and journeyed back down below Cauldron into Jzadirune.

From the dust and decay, it was clear that Jzadirune was abandoned long ago. Signs of recent activity from the new occupants was evident. Rooms had been ransacked and pillaged. Evidence of their traffic led deeper into the once abandoned enclave.

Her sunrod lighting their way, Keira led her stalwart companions in search of the kidnapped children.

In a makeshift barracks, they encountered more skulks, accompanied by new threats; creatures seemingly made as much of shadow as of flesh and bone. Floating globes of smoke and shadow darted about and distracted the heroes from other more lethal threats, and dark hounds salivated from open maws, eager to rend the Blades. Sevain lept into the room and let loose a flurry of daggers, leaving many of his foes clearing blood from their eyes. Taking advantage of Savain’s assault, the others followed him in to attack the skulks. The group made short work of their foes and were soon exploring further into Jzadirune.

They entered a grand hall lit by luminescent orbs of magical energy, recalling the grandeur that Jzadirune might once have had. As they stepped further into the hall, a sneaky gang of skulks ambushed the party, crossbow bolts flying out from the shadows.

Investigating an ornate bath, a clutch of giant spiders attacked the group, proving to be quite a challenge for the fledgling adventuring troupe. The group occupied three of the spiders near the entrance to the bath. Linden split off from the group to gain a little distance to make more effective use of his bow. Unfortunately, the last spider followed, dogging Linden around the room. The fighting was fierce. The spiders were fast, proving hard to his. Many of the heroes’ blows were unable to even pierce the thick hide of the spiders. They persevered and proved triumphant over the giant spiders.

They took a quick rest and searched the spiders’ lair. Among the bones of the spiders’ prior victims, the Blades found some extra coin and their first magical treasure, a set of Gauntlets of Ogre Power.


Of course the one door I opened without listening for activity first was the one with the ambush behind it. And people says I’m paranoid… not paranoid enough, I say!


Session Three: April 23, 2009

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