Cauldron, The Shackled City

Sesison Four: May 7, 2009

Wherein our heroes end the skulk menace

The team continued their exploration of Jzadirune in search of the kidnapped children. They soon encountered more skulks and another dark, shadowy foe. The fighting was fierce, but the team proved their mettle and won the battle. The group felt they were reaching their limit. Alex had little energy left for another fight. They had little time to recover, though, as they were challenged by a voice from the dark.

“Leave and you will be spared!”

Not to be intimidated, the Blades moved to investigate who was calling them out. A dark figure stood at the back of the room, brandishing a wicked looking blade. Upon seeing the group approach, he cried out, “You did not heed my warning and shall suffer for it! Attack!”. The skulks, motes of shadow, and another dark figure assaulted the team. This time, the team was ready. Pulling out all the stops, the Blades maneuvered and slashed their way through the enemy. They were in rare form and were able to quickly dispatch the dark ones minions, with him soon following.

They were ready for a long rest. Before leaving, they searched their fallen foes, finding some useful coin and equipment. They also found what appeared to be the leader’s chambers. They didn’t find anything significant, other than what may be the leader’s journal. As they were searching the chamber, Linden’s keen eyes found a secret door.

It opened into a small room, a mannequin sporting a set of plate armor, shinier and more polished than any in the group had seen before. Also, rising from the base of the mannequin was a great sword of outstanding quality. Two stone statues of warriors flanked the mannequin. Focusing her senses on the room, Keira determined the rooms occupants to be magical. Undaunted, the entered the room to retrieve the armor and sword. Immediately, they were set upon by the two statues. A quick but fierce battle ensued, with the group victorious and the armor and sword in hand.

The group sealed themselves into the secret room for a good night’s rest.



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